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See a Doctor Virtually With Telehealth Visits in San Jose, CA

TeleMed Sneezes and aches and chills — eek! When you feel under the weather, your daily activities feel harder. No matter if you’re grabbing groceries in San Jose or heading to the post office, you’re ready to feel like yourself again. It’s possible! With TeleMed, you get access to real, board-certified remote doctors who can consult, pinpoint your ailment, and provide medicine for common conditions that are not a medical emergency. What are non-emergency illnesses? It’s dependent on your individual well-being and condition, but generally speaking, health issues that are not an emergency can include illnesses like fever, stomachaches, migraines, scrapes, joint pain, and allergies. Call an Agent

Learn How TeleMed Works in San Jose, CA

With TeleMed in San Jose, you can talk to an actual doctor who will give you a call to learn more about how you’re feeling, share their diagnosis and call in a prescription for medication to restore your health. All you have to do is dial the toll-free number, provide your full name, home address, and plan number, and share a summary of your symptoms. You’ll hear back from a doctor in less than 45 minutes. If you would like to meet virtually over a video chat, that option is available too.

You have two options for TeleMed plans through Acceptance in San Jose: TeleMed Standard for as low as $12/month with a $25 copay, or $20/month for TeleMed Plus and $0 copay. To choose between the two, take into consideration how often you or members in your family get sick. TeleMed Plus may be optimal if you usually find yourself at the doctor’s office again and again. Both options automatically come with a discount card that could save roughly 22% on prescribed medications.

Schedule a Doctor's Appointment in San Jose, CA

Don’t worry anymore about waiting for an appointment or standing in the lobby of the urgent care. Enjoy a virtual visit with a trusted doctor over the phone or laptop, without ever leaving the couch in your San Jose home or any city you find yourself in. TeleMed visits are a great alternative to in-office visits. Visit our website, give us a call, or come in to an Acceptance office near you in San Jose to learn more today. We’re here to help — let’s keep those sniffles and pains away!

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Why Acceptance?

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Over 700 agents, online and in over 300 neighborhood locations.