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Telehealth Visits Near You in Corinth, MS

TeleMed Sneezes and headaches and congestion — yikes! When you feel under the weather, everything feels harder. Whether you’re taking the dog on a walk in Corinth or heading to the post office, your only thought is to feel better. Thanks to modern-day technology, you can! With TeleMed, you can speak with trustworthy, board-certified medical doctors who can assess your symptoms, determine what’s wrong, and prescribe medication for non-emergency illnesses. What are non-emergency illnesses? It’s dependent on your personal health and condition, but generally speaking, non-threatening medical issues can include illnesses like minor burns, earache, headaches, skin conditions, heartburn, and allergies. Call an Agent

How to Use TeleMed in Corinth, MS

Thanks to TeleMed in Corinth, you can talk to an actual doctor who will call you to consult, diagnose, and even write a prescription for medicine to make you healthy again. To get started, dial the toll-free number, enter your plan number, name, and address, and briefly provide details on how you’re feeling. A medical doctor will give you a call back in less than 45 minutes. Prefer to video chat? No problem, you can do that too.

Ready to get started? There are two options for Acceptance TeleMed plans in Corinth: TeleMed Standard beings at $12/month with a $25 copay, or $20/month for TeleMed Plus with a $0 copay. To choose between the two, consider the frequency at which you or your family get sick. TeleMed Plus might be a smart move if you frequent the doctor’s office. Luckily, both plans include a special discount card that could save roughly 22% on your prescriptions.

Time for a Doctor's Appointment in Corinth, MS?

Forget about waiting for a visit to the doctor or standing in the lobby of the urgent care. Enjoy a virtual visit with a medical professional over the phone or laptop, all from the comfort of your home in Corinth or wherever you might be. TeleMed visits are a great alternative to in-office visits. Pick up the phone, browse our site, or swing by the Acceptance office near you in Corinth to learn more today. We want to help you keep your sniffles and pains away!

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Why Acceptance?

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Over 700 agents, online and in over 300 neighborhood locations.