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Foley Insurance Alabama 36535

201 W 9th Ave Ste 201, Foley, Alabama, 36535

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Welcome to Our Insurance Office at 201 W 9th Ave, Foley, Alabama 36535

Are you a Foley resident who wants to pay less for insurance? The secret is to switch to Acceptance, where local agents are ready to offer car, renters, motorcycle, and SR-22 coverage at budget-friendly rates. Welcome to Acceptance, where agents live where you do in 36535 and know how much coverage is needed for roads like Alabama 59. Local agents will quickly compare insurance quotes to help you get the best prices. There’s a reason so many Foley residents are switching to Acceptance. With the right policy and savings, you can finally rent that dream home at the Cottages on the Greene. When you’re ready to get the best insurance prices, visit the Acceptance office at 201 W 9th Avenue, Foley, Alabama 36535, next to H&R Block.

How to Get to the Acceptance Office in Foley, Alabama 36535

To head to Acceptance’s Foley location, set your GPS to 201 W 9th Avenue, Foley, Alabama 36535. Hopefully, this will get you there, but it’s easy to get turned around along the way. If that happens, use the directions below to help you find the local office.

Directions from the Foley Railroad Museum:

Begin by turning left onto S McKenzie St, then turn right onto W 9th Ave. At this point, you should see the parking lot where Acceptance is located. The local office is right next to H&R Block.

Directions from the Tanger Outlet:

Once you leave the Tanger Outlet parking lot, head toward S McKenzie St. Turn right onto S McKenzie and, after a little over half a mile, turn left onto W 9th Avenue. The Acceptance parking lot should now be visible. The office is conveniently located next to H&R Block.

Look for the Verizon, Subway, and UPS Store on the corner of 9th and McKenzie to confirm you're in the right place. Between the GPS and these directions, you should have no trouble finding your neighborhood Acceptance office and getting the best car insurance in town. If something goes wrong, though, don’t fret. You can simply call the local agents at 251-494-7076 to get further directions and guidance.

Remember: anything can happen when you're driving to the beach or heading down Highway 431, so you need the financial protection and solid peace of mind that comes from having good car insurance.

Reasons to Choose Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance has a simple philosophy: Foley residents deserve friendly neighborhood insurance agents offering great coverage and top-notch customer service. These agents live in your neighborhood and know the biggest threats to your car and home. That helps them customize insurance packages to your exact needs, and they will quickly compare insurance rates across carriers so you can get the cheapest auto insurance in Foley. When you’re ready for insurance savings and service, remember: the final step is Acceptance. Stop by, visit the website, or give the office a call.

Acceptance Offers Multiple Types of Insurance Plans in Foley

If you’re like many Foley residents, you need insurance for multiple things, including your car, rental home, and maybe even a motorcycle. You may currently get insurance through multiple carriers, but you should know that Acceptance offers a variety of policies, including automobile, motorcycle, renters, and SR-22 insurance. Bundling your needs through one carrier can help you save money, allowing you to get the most affordable car insurance in Alabama.

Affordable Motorcycle Insurance in Foley, 36535

When the weather is right, Foley residents love to take their motorcycles down the road to scenic nearby locations like the beaches of Gulf Shores. However, it’s important to financially protect your bike with full coverage insurance. With such a policy in place, you can repair any damage that occurs due to an accident, and you won’t have to worry about it getting vandalized or stolen while you’re having some fun in the sun. If you don't want a full coverage policy, you do need to secure minimum liability coverage to legally ride your motorbike in Alabama.

Low-Cost Renters Insurance in Foley, 36535

Good renters coverage is about more than protecting your personal property. An increasing number of landlords require renters insurance, and any policy you buy is not tied down to a specific home. Your landlord's insurance won't protect your stuff, so it's a good idea to get renters insurance even if it's not required, too. It can help you replace items that are stolen or damaged, offer financial protection if someone sues you after being injured on your property, and cover a hotel room if you're temporarily displaced from your home.

Cheap SR-22 Insurance in Foley, 36535

Are you someone who has filed an SR-22 with the state of Alabama? If so, you know that it can be difficult to find and submit compliant coverage approved by the state. Acceptance is here to offer the exact coverage you need. Additionally, Acceptance agents will compare insurance rates with different carriers, helping you get a lower premium for your SR-22 insurance than you ever thought you could get. The team can even help you file SR-22 paperwork to get you back on the road.

Cheap Auto Insurance in Foley, 36535

Some of the intersections in Foley, including the intersection of Pride Drive and Orange Avenue and where the highway meets Baldwin County 20, highlight the need for good car insurance. You’ll be happy to have full coverage insurance to financially protect you in the event something unexpected happens due to speeding drivers and congested traffic. Like motorcycle coverage, you must at least have minimum liability car insurance to legally drive in Alabama.

How Can I Get Cheap Car Insurance in Foley | 36535?

Want to get the cheapest car insurance in Foley? That may sound like a distant dream, but you can make it happen with a simple phone call. Acceptance's local agents are ready to compare insurance quotes so you get the best possible rates. They offer great service and can explain the different factors driving your insurance up and how to get the best deal on coverage. The agents know how to find low-cost insurance no matter your driving record or personal situation.

Can I Save More if I Bundle My Insurance?

Are you a Foley resident who needs more than one insurance policy? For example, do you need both renters and automobile insurance? If so, you always have the option of bundling by getting all your insurance policies through Acceptance. Doing so can typically help you save between 5%-10%, and that will add up before you know it. Plus, many who start bundling are pleasantly surprised at how much time it helps them save each month versus dealing with multiple carriers.

Get Cheap Car Coverage at 201 W 9th Ave, Foley, AL 36535 Today!

If you’re ready to get serious about lowering your premium, we're ready to provide you with low-cost quotes for car, renters, SR-22, and motorcycle insurance. Visit your local Acceptance office at 201 W 9th Avenue, Foley, Alabama 36535, to meet with an agent who lives in your neighborhood. If you don’t have time for a face-to-face visit, feel free to call us at 251-494-7076 or get a quick quote on our website. No matter how you join the Acceptance family, you’ll discover that what we take more seriously than car insurance is taking care of every need.

What is the Average Cost of Auto Insurance in 36535?

The average cost of state minimum liability car insurance for Foley residents is $33 per month, and the average cost of full coverage is $116.

What is the Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance in Foley, 36535?

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in the Foley area is $39 per month.

How Can Insurance Agents Help Find Me Car Insurance Discounts in Foley?

One of the biggest secrets in the automobile insurance industry is that you can get discounts on your premium for a wide variety of things. As long as you meet certain criteria, you can lower your insurance more than you ever imagined.

• Military Discount: Are you a current military member or veteran? As a special thanks for your service, insurance carriers will often offer you a regular discount on how much you pay for car insurance.

• Defensive Driver Discount: Have you completed a defensive driving course, or are you willing to complete one? Completion certifies that you are safer than other drivers, and carriers may discount your insurance accordingly.

• Anti-Theft Discount: Insurance carriers are always happy when you take steps to make your vehicle safer. For example, by installing special anti-theft technology in your car, you may be eligible to receive a regular discount on your monthly premium.

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